The Revolution

This is an in depth coaching program to help you feel more alive, have more mental clarity, physical health and well-being, feel energized, and empowered.

Have you noticed how difficult it is to live fully in the present moment and be guided by your own inner wise Self? That society somehow stifles any efforts toward wellness? Have you ever considered what you eat as your primary healthcare? Food as your medicine and your greatest insurance for revolutionary health and wellbeing?

Are you ready to integrate practices into your life that facilitate the radical voluntary sabotage of long-standing dysfunctional habits and patterns? Then you are ready to partake in the work that is your bridge to newness. It requires your soul’s journey, a transformation of consciousness. The true measure of your capacity to be transformed lies within the openness of your heart and in your capacity to be moved and transformed. To be open to learn and grow.

This program is for individuals, particularly women who are ready for a significant journey toward their own unique experience of extraordinary wellness. Make an unswerving commitment to yourself.

For this coaching program, you will make a 6-month commitment to bring your best, most healthy and well self to Life.

I can only offer in-depth 1:1 coaching when you…

  • are passionate and inspired to work on many levels of wellness
    • Real Food
    • Real Connection
    • Real Restoration
    • Real Detoxification
  • are ready to make significant life shifts
  • open minded, open hearted, and curious
  • ready to go beyond your limits of your “idea” of wellness
  • are ready to go outside of your comfort zone
  • have audacity, live with intention, and are ready to create a powerful vision of health and wellness for yourself and your family

You will need to commit at least 50% of your time to focus on your best most healthiest, and well version of yourself for a minimum of 6 months.

  • Nutrient-Density on all levels
    • Whole Food, Nutrient-dense Dietary Protocol Implementation
    • Develop Interrelationship Awareness
    • Develop Awareness of Thoughts, Emotions, Feeling States, Body Sensations
    • Develop a New Way of Being, Establish Healthy and Healing Habits and Routines
    • Daily Formal and Informal Meditation Integration
  • Crowd out toxicity on all levels
  • You will be invited to participate in a multiple day meditation intensive retreat guided by Rochelle
  • You can receive coaching from anywhere because except for the retreats, all coaching happens via Skype, phone, and email
  • You will receive my full attention in all our work and communication
  • You will feel my persistent and powerful support throughout the entire program