The Journey

Everyone has the ability to experience new ways of being in the world. Everyone can experience revolutionary wellness.

The Journey is an email coaching program that helps you recognize, reflect, and integrate so that you can take bold action and steer the course of your life on a path that is nourishing, vivid,  meaningful, connected, and empowering to you. This course will help you begin to express that ability through observation, inquiry, reflecting, integrating, and bold love in action.

What does “experiencing revolutionary wellness” mean to you?

The email coaching program course is made of 10 Modules.

Each module will explore a different aspect of your journey. As a result, your life will change. You can do this course from anywhere because everything is done entirely online. For every module of this course, you will receive a link to a page similar to this one. At the end of each module, there is a questionnaire to synthesize your learning. Once you complete it, you will receive a link to the next module.

Each module will have the following elements:

  • Connector.


    As you develop the reflective skills of mindfulness in your life you will begin to develop a curiosity of your present moment experience and use journaling as a source of insight.

  • Connector.


    You will be given four kinds of guided mindfulness meditations to begin your skill building. Doing the formal and informal mindfulness practices is an essential part of The Journey to steady the mind and open the heart and is necessary to build the skills of mindfulness in your life.

  • Connector.


    Kind and gentle awareness is a key feature of the development of mindfulness as you reflect, learn, and grow from your present moment experiences.

  • Connector.


    The whole point of all the “hard work” you will be engaged in is to integrate steadfast and compassionate awareness in your life no matter what is happening in the present moment. To integrate IS to grow.

  • Connector.


    Love in Action. Off the mat and into the world is what it is all about. Cultivating a new Way of Being in relationship to all aspects of your life and integrating an embodied, empowered presence is essential.

Your investment for this program is $45.

Before you make that payment, you must first complete an application inquiry. Answering these questions will help you understand if this program is for you. Answering these questions is the first step towards experiencing revolutionary wellness.

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