About Us

Rochelle McLaughlin

Rochelle is the founder and co-creator of Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio on VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness Channel and publisher of Revolutionary Wellness Magazine.

    In the last decade Rochelle has created and taught an emerging area of practice called Mindfulness-Based Occupational Therapy (MBOT), she is developing a Mindfulness-Based Healthcare Practice (MBHP) Advanced Certificate program at San Jose State University (SJSU), and she has been transformed by the experience of teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to several hundred students through SJSU, in the local community, and globally. Rochelle is certified to teach MBSR by the University of Massachusett’s Medical School’s Center for Mindfulness and has advanced studies in Humanistic Psychology.

    Rochelle has experienced personally and “with-nessed” the integration of mindfulness meditation practice as an extraordinary healing balm for the heart, body, mind, and soul as well as a practice of transforming relationships to self and other, ‘un/re-learning/decolonizing/empowering’ oneself, opening the heart, and freeing the mind.

    A few of Rochelle’s primary interests, devotions, and passions are in helping humanity take an “indigenous turn” by embodying a radical slowing down, inspiring a collective remembering of our intricate entanglement with the world, awakening a deep honoring and humbling of our human condition, and evoking a revolutionary re-sacralization of every moment of our lives, and from this place co-creating “the more beautiful world we all know in our hearts is possible”.

    Rochelle is a mom of two young girls and is deeply humbled by the modern parental experience in this technological age as we face head-on heartbreaking global crises. Rochelle is being unschooled right along with her girls as they have followed the thread on an extraordinary expedition into deschooling.

    Hippocrates statement, ”Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine” is an embodied, visceral, and deeply spirirtual experience for Rochelle since her older daughter’s ‘almost-autism’ was healed entirely by nutrient-dense foods sourced from local farmers and prepared by her and her husband. Rochelle became a certified Gut and Psychology and Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) Practitioner and began working with GAPS families in 2008. Rochelle has “with-nessed” profound and at times almost unbelievable healing when parents take their family’s health into their own hands.

    Rochelle is honored and grateful to have the opportunity to amplify the messages of innovators, change-agents, edge-workers, story-carriers, and healers of integrity on Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio and Magazine.

    To begin, prepare to be inspired by the visionaries below…

Bayo Akomolafe

Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio Co-host, author, speaker, and ‘walkout’ academic, Bayo Akomolafe (PhD) is globally recognized for his poetic, unconventional, counterintuitive take on global crisis, civic action and social change. He is the Executive Director and Initiating/Coordinating Curator for ‘the emergence network’ (A Post-Activist Project) [www.emergencenetwork.org], and host of the online course, ‘We will dance with Mountains’.

A young professor/lecturer of clinical psychology at Covenant University, Nigeria and ethnopsychotherapeutic researcher, Bayo hopes to inspire a diffractive network of sharing – a slowing down, an ethics of entanglement, an activism of inquiry, a ‘politics of surprise’…one that does not treat the crises of our times as exterior to ‘us’ or the ‘solutions’ that conventional activism offers as separate from the problems that we seek to nullify. Bayo is also Special Envoy for the International Alliance for Localization, and is working to amplify local and critical alternative ‘solutions’ to global crises today.

A frequent keynote speaker and guest lecturer, Bayo Akomolafe has taught in Harvard University (USA), Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada), Schumacher College (Totnes, England), among other contexts, creating interdisciplinary courses that cut across some of his key interests – indigenous identity, theoretical (Bohrian) physics and the intersections with feminism and agential realism, gift cultures, critical theory, sympoiesis, psychedelics, and sacred activisms. Bayo frequently writes essays that seek to ‘compost’ the ‘human’, and inspire a new ‘politics of surprise’ that allows us to cultivate new response-abilities with a world that is vibrant and alive. Bayo believes that ‘the ordinary is what the extraordinary wants to become’, and is crafting a ‘decolonized’ life with his ‘life-force’, Ej (also a young ‘walkout’ academic), and their unschooled daughter, Alethea-Aanya.

Bayo is widely published and cited, and is now composing his first solo book, ‘These Wilds Beyond our Fences: Letters to my Daughter on Humanity’s Search for Home’.


Annie Levin

Annie Levin is the creator of Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio’s Precipice Series. About ‘Precipice’, Annie Levin writes: “These days find us standing at the edge of a cliff ecologically, socially, economically, and existentially. It is a precarious place to be; the risk of falling is real. But perhaps standing at the edge might also call forth something new: How clear must our seeing be, and how precise our attention, when standing on such ground? How do we carry ourselves, how do we move, and how do we speak? These times ask such questions of us. Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio’s Precipice Series aspires to stand at that edge—the edge of what we know, the edge of what we understand, the edge of what’s familiar—to see what conversations emerge from there. Hosted by Annie Levin, the Precipice series will invite guests willing to explore that terrain with us. They may be expert in certain things, but none of us are expert in navigating this time. So we will be wondering, out loud, together.”

Annie is an attorney and birth doula living in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked in the fields of community organizing, conflict resolution, childbirth education and immigration advocacy, serving in settings ranging from schools to hospitals to Capitol Hill. In 2012, she spent four months traveling the U.S. in search of a path forward in these challenging times, and has been following the threads from that journey ever since. She currently serves as a curator for the Emergence Network, a collective that poses the question, “What if the way we respond to the crisis is part of the crisis?” She is a graduate of Harvard Law School and has been a scholar at the Orphan Wisdom School since 2013.

Susan Olesek

Born outside of Boston, Susan spent her formative years in Asia with occasional forays into places of extreme suffering like The Walled City of Hong Kong and the streets of Bombay. These experiences made deep impressions on her Enneagram Type 1, ideological heart. By the time she entered Occidental to study sociology, Susan’s resolve to somehow make a contribution to the world was embedded in who she was becoming. This determination percolated while she raised three boys and began to study the Enneagram, a process that took her deeply into herself and the great losses suffered in her own childhood. In 2009, Susan emerged hopeful and certified, full of ideals, and with just enough self-belief to accept the challenging invitation to teach the Enneagram to 100 inmates in a little prison in Texas. This decision changed the trajectory of her personal and professional life, forever. Susan delights in the unknown yet vast unfolding of the Enneagram Prison Project and is thrilled to be hosting the 9 Prisons One Key Series for Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio. www.enneagramprisonproject.org

About the 9 Prisons One Key Series Susan writes that “The Enneagram is an incisive tool for self-knowing. It gets to the heart of our recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – those things we repeatedly do, some of which we wish we didn’t. Our habits are so hard to drop precisely because they are conditioned into our survival strategies as children. Actually, we are all in a prison of our own making in the ways we suffer our personalities. Sometimes, we really think our habits ARE all of who we are, but actually, we are so much more. People can grow and change. But, we cannot change what we cannot understand, what we cannot see. Seeing what we habitually do as only a part of who we fully are, gives us a flexibility inside, that choice – the “freedom” – to put down the things that aren’t working, and expand. During this 9 Prisons One Key series, we will dive into one of these nine “personal prisons” every month, leaving you with the compassionate, continual reminder that it is us who holds the key to our own real freedom.