The Launch of the Precipice Series on Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio!

Bayo Akomolafe writes, “The Emergence Network is on radio! On February 16, join us for the premier episode of ‘Precipice’, a radio show about coming to edges, making visible the invisible, exploring the blind spots in our regimes of seeing, and ‘staying a little longer’ with the uncomfortable absence of solutions or answers. It is about coming to a world that is much more interesting than human unilateralism – a world that often invites us to be still, and learn to listen. It is about other spaces of power and different kinds of activism. ‘Precipice’ is hosted by my dear sister, friend and co-conspirator, Annie Levin, a coordinating curator with The Emergence Network. We are so proud of our sister, and look forward to with-nessing her grounding edge-work (and lovely radio voice!) in these strange times! We are thankful to dear Rochelle McLaughlin, our producer (Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio), for partnering with us on this powerful journey.

About ‘Precipice’, Annie Levin writes: “These days find us standing at the edge of a cliff ecologically, socially, economically, and existentially. It is a precarious place to be; the risk of falling is real. But perhaps standing at the edge might also call forth something new: How clear must our seeing be, and how precise our attention, when standing on such ground? How do we carry ourselves, how do we move, and how do we speak? These times ask such questions of us. We aspire to stand at that edge—the edge of what we know, the edge of what we understand, the edge of what’s familiar—to see what conversations emerge from there. The Precipice series will invite guests willing to explore that terrain with us. They may be expert in certain things, but none of us are expert in navigating this time. So we will be wondering, out loud, together.”
[You can bookmark this event by visiting its present host site. The Emergence Network is revamping its website to accommodate its new curated projects this year. You can visit to learn more about us].

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