The Launch of the 9 Prisons One Key Series on Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio!

Once a month, Susan Olesek will co-host Revolutionary Wellness with Founder Rochelle McLaughlin, featuring the “9 Prisons One Key” series. In this talk radio show, they’ll discuss everything from her work as founder and core teacher of Enneagram Prison Project’s many weekly classes to her consulting work with CEOs and executive teams running Bay Area’s Fortune 500 companies. While Susan’s clientele ranges from the incarcerated to the mega-influential, her take on the human condition and the similarities shared by us all is both insightful and downright fascinating.

The Enneagram is an incisive tool for self-knowing. It gets to the heart of our recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – those things we repeatedly do, some of which we wish we didn’t. Our habits are so hard to drop precisely because they are conditioned into our survival strategies as children. We employ the same set of tactics when we are two, or when we are twenty-two and may still be using them at sixty-two! Actually, we are all in a prison of our own making in the ways we suffer our personalities. Sometimes, we really think our habits ARE all of who we are, but actually, we are so much more. Thank goodness.

People can grow and change. But, we cannot change what we cannot understand, what we cannot see. Seeing what we habitually do as only a part of who we fully are, gives us a flexibility inside, that choice – the “freedom” – to put down the things that aren’t working, and expand.

In her work, Susan Olesek finds herself as frequently in actual prisons as she finds herself among fortune 500 leaders, mirroring for her clients the virtual prisons we all create for ourselves and using herself as her own best material. The thing about the Enneagram is that it doesn’t discriminate – it is an incisive map for anyone and everyone who is willing to let it guide them back to their “true” self. During Nine Prisons One Key, using real-life exemplars from vastly different walks of life, we will take a deep dive into one of these nine “personal prisons” every month, leaving you with the compassionate, continual reminder that it is us who holds the key to our own real freedom.


January: Type 1, The Perfectionist/Reformer
February: Type 8, The Protector/Challenger
March: Type 9, The Mediator/Peacemaker
April: Type 2, The Giver/Helper
May: Type 3, The Performer/Achiever
June: Type 4, The Romantic/Individualist
July: Type 5, The Observer/Investigator
August: Type 6, The Skeptic/Loyalist
September: Type 7, The Epicure/Enthusiast

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