A New View of Wellness by Rochelle McLaughlin

Very often when I am laying down with baby Willow to be with her as she transitions to sleep it feels as though her body and my body become one. I sense no separation. None. I can sense just one celestial aliveness, a warmth, tingling, pulsating, vibrancy. There is nowhere else for me to be but here, with Willow, having this experience. It’s a very peaceful, “at home” place and it is an experience that surprisingly tells a very interpenetrative tale. It points us to an entangled story of the new view of wellness.

This is a story of a profound interconnectedness that every single on of us (whether we are human or not) are born into. We are woven into an intricate fabric of this mysterious life in all of it’s incomprehensible complexity. We are wedded to a web of ecology, to the sacred, and our part in it all is significant. Not “special” but significant.

If you knew me 20 years ago I would not have been able to have this experience with Willow. I was much too stuck in the old narratives of separation. My mind would have been too full of what I needed to get done next because I couldn’t grasp the significance of this moment. This moment was squandered on thinking and projecting about the future or reliving (mostly unpleasant experiences) of the past.

My experience with mindfulness is that the practice slowly wore away at the metaphorical fences in my mind…the sense of separateness began to melt away…the judgements, the dysfunction, the self-referential frames and as a result I became, for a time, truly lost because without all that mental phenomena that I was used to something new was being born in me. In a similar way, as my disillusionment with the status quo of Western medicine began to unravel I began to wonder if there was another way.

In a series of conversations on Revolutionary Wellness Talk Radio with my dear friend Bayo Akomolafe Bayo has helped me articulate how the more I have come to the limits of my understanding, the more I have come to a place of not-knowing, the more I am becoming a part of the world that is a participatory festival of manifestation and the more I become a midwife of sorts for the newness that wants to be born, the new places of power and emergence. So the new view of wellness is already here. We are already living it..performing it. The old exists as an integral part in the new.

In my experience it takes a radical slowing down, a waiting, a gentle tender noticing, a being-with, dancing-with, and an acknowledging and an honoring of the vital aliveness of our stitched relationship with the world as we caress and evoke this new view into being so that more and more of us can partake in it’s magic and perform the unfurling into being.

What then is wellness if we are stunningly entangled with the unfolding and birthing of the present moment and the infinite that is held within it? I do not know but this is a living question for us to move into. I suspect it is an expedition into deeper and deeper ways of knowing, being, and acting that reflect this entanglement into the very sacred fabric of life itself. You are NOT alone, you too are a tingling, pulsating, vibrant celestial body and every decision you make or act you take has profound and far reaching effects both personally and otherwise.

What do you think is being called for as we move into newness together?

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