Have you played in your hot laundry lately? Welcome to your exquisite life! by Rochelle McLaughlin

It may seem highly unlikely that the potential experience a pile of hot laundry could bring is an up close and personal experience with your most magnificent life. That if you only gave yourself permission to give yourself over to such an experience this would be revolutionary? You might even consider it an opportunity to facilitate a radical voluntary sabotage of long-standing habits and patterns of disconnection, disattention, and desensitization. Three essential and very unfortunate qualities of the utter destruction of our collective health and the health of the planet.

Just allow yourself for a moment to imagine what would happen if all of a sudden we all began experiencing the sheer potential ecstasy of such an experience? An experience of extraordinary sensation in such a mundane and ordinary daily task? We would all have to “re-think” our experience of every other mundane task and stop to see that actually every daily task holds within it the potential for extraordinary experience. This would require a transformation in consciousness and this would be radical.

So, have you ever rolled around in your hot laundry? This is what I did this morning with my 10 month old daughter Willow and dog Josie. They both are two of my greatest teachers of embodied practices that are the holy grail, the chalice that holds the very love of your best life. Tuning in to the magnificent potential that exists in every single moment of your life is a profound life-altering practice and there are 1440 of them in every 24 hour period, so plenty of opportunity. So what are you waiting for?  I urge you to get rolling and experiencing the delights of your hot laundry today and every other task you once considered “mundane” or “ordinary”. It’s even better with your loved ones! Welcome to your exquisite life!

Tell me about any other mundane tasks that you have found glimpses of the extraordinary in!

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